What you’ll learn


Build custom widgets

Leverage JavaScript, HTML and CSS to create beautiful customized widgets for your sports analytics applications in Shiny.


Extend shiny

Learn techniques to leverage Shiny JavaScript functionality and events so your widgets work seamlessly with your application.


Enhance user experience

Build interactive widgets that engage users, convey strong messages, and visualize data in creative ways.


Package your widgets

Bundle your widgets into a Shiny package and learn how to effectively develop a package for open source or internal usage.


Stay ahead of the curve

Acquire all the knowledge you need to develop Shiny extensions, gain a deeper understanding on how Shiny works under the hood,  and empower yourself to turn any web component into a Shiny compatible one.

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A. sekulovic, phd

delpharm development leiden

“If you have a question about Shiny, Veerle is the person to turn to. She’s very knowledgeable and she explains things in a simple, clear and engaging way. I really liked working with her!”

hector chavez

royal tropic institute

“Veerle's workshop on R Shiny development was exceptional. Her meticulous preparation, tailored content, and hands-on approach makes it effective and stand out from other course offerings in the sector. ... I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching to anyone working with R-Shiny web apps.”



Seeing the same widgets in every Application


And you are looking for new and creative ways to visualize data and tailor widgets to your exact needs.


Spending hours to adjust existing widgets


And you are ready to develop your own custom widgets


Feeling restricted by limited

widget options


And you are crave for freedom to design unique and specilized widgets for your applications


Struggling to maintain consistency

across Applications


And you are seeking solution to streamline this process


Wasting resources on inefficient

widget development


And you are interested in optimizing your workflow to increase productivity

Level-up your software development skills with CustomiZing Widgets

The most comprehensive course to master Shiny widget development. Enroll today to unlock our extensive course materials and start building your first web application

meet your data science coach

Veerle van Leemput

You can definitely call me a Shiny enthusiast, and I hope I can make you just as excited about Shiny as I am. Ever since I graduated as a Data Scientist back in 2016, I am obsessed with software development. I always liked building something tangible. Something that people can use every day to make their work just a bit easier. An application holds the power to truly turn data and analysis into insights. Numbers don’t have to be boring! My weapon of choice: Shiny applications.

After working for a couple of years as a Data Scientist in various industries, I felt it was time to bring my vision to life: helping others to leverage the potential of Shiny to build amazing applications that help to convey a message. I established Hypebright in 2019 and since then I focus on providing training, workshops and consultancy related to R and Shiny.

I’m a true believer of learning by doing, but I also don’t feel like developing “Hello, World!” applications is something that will stick. Building simple demo apps never really worked for me. The learning starts when you’re building something real, something that has a story. It needs to be exciting and it should translate to your own work.

I developed the courses with exactly that in mind. I want you to build something useful, and I want you to be involved in that process. It’s not about showing you how I develop an application or a Shiny package. It’s not about me at all, it’s about you! I want you to become a co-developer. And by the end of a course, I want you to proudly say, ‘I developed my first Shiny app or package!’

So join me on our Shiny adventure and let’s build something amazing together!

Explore advance
shiny widget development

In this course, you'll master essential techniques and concepts, including:

Mastering the Fundamentals

  • Dive deep into the foundational principles of building Shiny widgets with R.

  • Understand how Shiny renders the user interface, how Shiny leverages JavaScript, and how Shiny enables communication between your widgets and R.

  • Instead of using inputs and outputs, you will be able to fully understand how they work and how you can build them from scratch.

Shiny Package Development

  • Get to know everything about Shiny package development and learn how others have built packages to make outstanding interfaces in Shiny. 

  • Whether you’re planning to open source your work or develop a package for internal usage: with a Shiny package you’ll enable yourself to bring awesome widgets to any Shiny application.

Harnessing Customization Capabilities

  • Learn to harness the full potential of customization for your Shiny widgets.

  • Explore advanced styling techniques using CSS and HTML to tailor widgets to your precise specifications.

  • Discover how to create dynamic and visually stunning components that elevate user experience to new heights.

Integrating External Libraries

  • Expand your toolkit by integrating external JavaScript libraries and frameworks seamlessly into your Shiny applications. 

  • Uncover strategies for incorporating popular JavaScript libraries to enhance data visualization capabilities and unlock new possibilities for interactive user interfaces.

Improving Performance & Efficiency

  • Learn essential web development techniques and tools to streamline your workflow. 

  • Discover how to manage assets effectively, bundle resources efficiently, and optimize for speed.

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Course Overview

Dive into our comprehensive course curriculum, featuring a range of modules carefully designed to equip you
with the expertise needed to excel in building production-grade Shiny widgets.

1. Introduction to the Course

Making Outstanding Shiny apps

Introducing Outstanding User Interfaces by David Granjon

2. Package Development

The Why and How

Package Development Workflow

3. Web Application Concepts

The client-server model and HTTP requests

The Shiny app lifecycle

4. Discover Shiny Dependencies

Understanding dependencies in Shiny applications



5. Handle HTML dependencies with {htmltools}

Declaring and Attaching Dependencies

Resolving Dependency Conflicts

6. JavaScript for Shiny

Introduction to JavaScript

jQuery Syntax

Adding JavaScript to Shiny

Using external JavaScript libraries

7. Communicate between R and JS

Data Exchange between R and JS

Sending Messages through the WebSocket

Receiving Messages through the WebSocket

8. Managing JS and CSS

The Need For Asset Management

Organize Your JS and CSS Files

Bundling Your JS and CSS Code

Bundling Components

Working with npm

9. Shiny Inputs

Input Bindings

Updating Inputs

Building A Complex Custom Input part I

Building A Complex Custom Input part II

Building A Complex Custom Input part III

Summarizing the Input Lifecycle

10. Shiny Outputs

Output Functions

Output Bindings

11. Mastering Shiny Events

Exploring Event Types

Custom Loaders

12. Design widgets

Introduction to {htmlwidgets}

Building {brackets} with {htmlwidgets}

Advanced techniques in {htmlwidgets}

Advanced techniques in {htmlwidgets}

Updating your Widgets

13. Course Recap and Next Steps

Course Summary

What's Next?


Shiny Widget Development

Fundamentals Modules

Introduction to Shiny Widgets

  • Dive into creating outstanding Shiny apps and explore the essentials of outstanding user interfaces, and get to know one of the top industry experts: David Granjon.

Package Development

  • Learn the reasons behind Shiny package development and delve into the workflow of package development.

Web Application Concepts

  • Understand the client-server model, HTTP requests, WebSockets, and the lifecycle of Shiny apps.

Discovering Shiny Dependencies

  • Gain insights into dependencies in Shiny applications, Bootstrap, and jQuery integration.

Handle HTML Dependencies with {htmltools}

  • Learn to declare, attach, and resolve dependency conflicts in Shiny apps.

JavaScript for Shiny

  • Explore JavaScript fundamentals, jQuery syntax, adding JavaScript to Shiny, and using external JavaScript libraries.


Advanced Shiny Widget Development Modules

Communicate between R & JS

  • Master data exchange between R and JavaScript, sending messages through WebSockets, and receiving messages for real-time interactions.

Managing JS & CSS

  • Dive into asset management, organizing JS and CSS files, bundling code components, and working with npm for efficient development.

Shiny Inputs and Outputs

  • Understand input bindings, updating inputs dynamically, and building complex custom inputs. Learn about output functions, bindings, and summarizing the input lifecycle.

Mastering Shiny Events

  • Explore event types, custom loaders, and techniques to enhance event-driven interactions.

Design Widgets

  • Introduction to {htmlwidgets}, building custom widgets with {brackets}, advanced techniques, and updating existing widgets for improved functionality.

How We Conduct Our Course:

At AthlyticZ, we've designed our course structure to empower your learning journey at your
own pace, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Prerecorded Video Lessons

Access comprehensive course content at your convenience, allowing you to revisit concepts as needed.

Assignments and Exercises

Engage with practical assignments to reinforce key concepts and build skills.

Continuous Assessment

Benefit from quizzes and assessments for ongoing feedback on your progress.

Hands-On Projects

Apply your knowledge to real-world projects, developing web-based applications

Interactive Features

Utilize note-taking capabilities and custom-built IDEs for an immersive learning environment.

Supplementary Resources

Access readings, downloadable slides, and personalized tutorials to enrich your learning.

Embark on your data science journey with AthlyticZ and unlock the full potential of sports analytics in a
dynamic and supportive learning environment.


Discover Our Platform Through a Guided Demo Experience! Watch the Demo Video.

Begin your journey into advanced widget customization with CustomiZing Widgetz

Enroll now to gain access to our comprehensive course materials and start creating dynamic and interactive Shiny widgets that will elevate your data analysis capabilities. Unlock the full potential of widget customization today!

What Learners Have Said About Our Platform

Discover what our students have to say about their experience with AthlyticZ:

Bill Geivett M.Ed.

President @ IMA Team

Author: Do you want to work in Baseball?

Sr. VP: COL Rockies 2001-2014

Asst. GM: LA Dodgers 1998-2000

"Here's your chance to learn future sports data gurus!"

"AthlyticZ has completely transformed the learning approach to data science through the use of sports-based problems. The course structure is intuitive, the content is comprehensive, the instructors are the best of the best, and the practical projects have immediate impact to students."

Brad Smith Phd

Senior Performance Analyst @ University of Nebraska

Sports analytics professor, Data Science Program @ Northwestern

Player Development Analyst @ New york yankees 2018-2021

"Empowering and Engaging"

"I've always been intrigued by the intersection of sports analytics and data science. AthlyticZ provides students with the perfect platform to explore this passion. The hands-on projects are particularly empowering, allowing them to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios."

CustomiZing WidgetZ
Fundamental &
Advanced Modules

Course Information

  • 12+ Modules of engaging content

  • Asynchronous, self-paced learning

  • Pre-recorded video lessons for flexible scheduling

  • Interactive Features: Quizzes throughout the course to reinforce learning

  • Supplementary Resources: Access to downloadable slides, readings, and additional materials

  • Hands-On Projects: Dive into two major case study projects tailored to your interests

  • Virtual Machines: Immerse yourself in our customized IDE solutions for real world programming experience.

$799 usd

ONLY $599 usd

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can my employer benefit from this course?

At AthlyticZ, we recognize the value of professional development in driving business success. Here's how your company can leverage our course:

• Enhanced proficiency in productionizing Shiny apps, leading to faster development and thorough testing of bespoke dashboard solutions.

• Creation of tailored post-processing workflows to optimize efficiency, minimizing reliance on manual Excel operations.

• Reduced expenditure on commercial software licenses by leveraging open-source analysis libraries for data-driven insights.

Whether you aim to refine existing expertise or embark on a new journey, our course equips you to spearhead Shiny app deployment initiatives within your organization.

2. Do I need access to any commercial software?

No, you won't need any commercial software for this course.

3. How can my employer benefit from this course?

We recommend having intermediate Tidyverse R skills for this course. Our BreeZing through the Tidyverse Course is a great choice for prerequisite knowledge in R. Our ProductioniZing Shiny Applications Course is highly recommended as a prerequisite for this course.

4. Is the course graded? What defines successful completion?

Evaluation is based on the completion of course work rather than "correct answers." Successful completion entails:

• 80% or higher on all quizzes

• 100% of modules completed

Upon meeting these criteria, you'll receive a certificate of completion.

5. Is there a refund policy?

At AthlyticZ, we're committed to your success and satisfaction throughout your learning journey.

Our refund policy is as follows:

  • You can drop the course within 3 days of commencement for a full refund. After this date, refunds are not provided.

  • No refunds will be granted if you have completed 25% or more of the course material, regardless of the time elapsed since the course began.

    Thank you for choosing AthlyticZ for your educational needs.

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